1) Origin / Inception of the Organisation

The Social Guidance Agency (SGA) is the outcome of the dream, planning, and untiring service of the founding director, C. Dozuala and a few like minded friends, who render their Voluntary Service toward the afflicted, neglected and marginalized in the Society with the spirit of love instilled by our Lord Jesus Christ. After their long and unnoticed efforts, it was felt that an organizational body should be established for wider impact and partnership with other functional bodies.

In 1986 the SGA was formed and was registered under the Society Registration Act No. SR 8 0f 1986, becoming a pioneer NGO in the field of social Action in Mizoram. Seeing the zeal and the commitment of the SGA, Grant In aids started to come in from the Central Government of India, and slowly more people and organizations show their interest, enabling its present expansion into many projects and branches.

2) Mission and Vision of the Organisation:

To uplift the afflicted and marginalized in Mizoram and beyond through care- Centres, mobile Unit, and Awareness Campaigns.

3) Achievements and Growth of the Organisation:

The SGA organizes its annual General Assembly for its members, and the Board of Directors are elected every two years. The General Assembly is the highest authority that approves and affirms the Agency’s report and activities. The Board of Directors meets to take up initiative pertaining to the Agency’s administration and formulation of necessary action. The following are the brief activities of the organization :-

a) Treatment of Drug Addicts cum Rehabilitation Centre. (Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts).

After a lot of efforts, SGA is the first recipients of Grant in Aids from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment since 1989.

b) Mobile (Dispensary) Medical Unit:

Through this programme, remote Villages of Mizoram are visited with Doctors & Nurses, which otherwise are inaccessible. This ministry had been funded by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs since 1999 till date.

c) T.I (IDU) DIC Project :

Under the Guidance of the funds of the Mizoram State AIDS Control Society (MSACS) from 2006 SGA is running a project of Targeted Intervention among the injected Drug users (IDU) in the area of Aizawl South.

d) Family Counselling Centre:

Since 2007 SGA has been receiving Grant In Aid from Central Social Welfare Board for Family Counselling. Through this help SGA can give more concentration on counseling towards broken families and with various relational problems.