The new system will have 12 years of schooling with three years of anganwadi/pre-schooling. The 10+2 structure of school curricula is to be replaced by a 5+3+3+4 curricular structure corresponding to ages 3-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-18 years respectively. One of the key announcements of the new National Education Policy, NEP 2020 has been the break-down of the existing 10+2 structure and introduction of the 5+3+3+4 structure of School Education. The 10+2 system is a part of the K-12 education system, and equivalent to the International Baccalaureate and GCE Advanced Levels in the west. NFO: MOSL 5-year G-Sec ETF: Attractive post-tax returns, but is it risk-free? Their system is very simple. With the 5+3+3+4 system of education, the 10+2 system would not change in terms of the years a child spends within the formal education system in the country at the school level. Focus would be on critical learning objectives and not on rote learning. The new policy sees every child coming out of school adept in at least one skill. Medium of instruction till Grade 5 would be home language or mother tongue or local language. Or Call us on- 9354229384, 9354252518, 9999830584. To this, the grades 1 and 2 or classes 1 and 2 for students of ages 6 to 8 would also be added, keeping the focus on development of language skills and teaching by play based and activity based curriculum. Framing of NEP 2020 will be remembered as a shining example of participative governance...”. In 2020, the top three educational systems in the world were Finland, Denmark, and South Korea. Follow us on Telegram, They would be made easier where students would be tested on the core capabilities. By 2030, the minimum qualification for teaching will be a four-year integrated B.Ed. You have reached your weekly free article limit. The new structure and comparison of the two explained below. ), … State-funded education is available at all levels, unless you choose to send your child to a private school. The new structure now proposes dividing the same structure into cognitive developmental stages of the child – early childhood, school years, and secondary stage. Education is compulsory for children in Ireland from the ages of 6 to 16 or until students have completed 3 years of second-level education. The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the National Education Policy 2020, making way for large scale, transformational reforms in both school and higher education sectors. Boards will test primarily core capacities/competencies rather than months of coaching and memorisation. Alternatively, some schools may operate on a quarter or trimester system of multiple terms of 10-12 weeks. Here’s a look at the new pedagogical structure proposed in comparison to the existing one. The Irish education system is made up of primary, second, third-level and further education. The next three years will be divided into a preparatory stage from classes 3 to 5. Get Full Digital Access To The Hindu BusinessLine, The Hindu, Frontline, Sportstar, Crossword+, Epaper replica of The Hindu and The Hindu BusinessLine in ONE SINGLE DISCOUNTED PRICE! While the US regulator has cleared the aircraft’s return to the skies, its European counterpart has ... Not too big, not too small, and better priced than the Pro models, The last date for tax filing is just a month away. The policy emphasises mother tongue/local/regional language as the medium of instruction at least till Class V, but preferably till Class VIII. This will bring the hitherto uncovered age group of 3-6 years under the school curriculum, which has been recognised globally as the crucial stage for the development of the mental faculties of a child. Also Read | New Education Policy 2020: From Single Higher Education Regulator to revised structure of K12, Key Highlights. Linkedin. Here’s a guide to save the stress and the last minute rush, However, there seems to be no immediate threat to the bull trend, It comes with interest rate risk; though it carries no liquidity or credit risk. The multi-level play activity based learning would include 3 years at anganwadi’s, pre-school or as commonly called play schools and the kindergarten classes catering to ages 3 to 6. Foundational Stage (5): For ages 3 to 8 years, the foundational stage has been suggested. Offer closes soon. The term education system generally refers to public schooling, not private schooling, and more commonly to kindergarten through high school programs. Covid-19 has triggered a consumer shift towards branded products as ... Big Story | All you need to know about filing I-T return. Or click on Free Trial to get 14 days free trial. Click here for Latest Education News and updates from Education Minister,CBSE Exam and other Boards, 10+2 to make way for a 5+3+3+4 Structure: NEP 2020 , Kada Prasad | Gurupurab Special Recipe | How To Make Kada Prasad | The Foodie, KT Rama Rao says ‘We believe in being game changers not name changers’ | Frankly Speaking, HM Amit Shah chairs key meet with top leaders; Opposition puts onus on NDA | The Newshour Agenda, KT Rama Rao says ‘I hope PM Modi will talk on promises made to Telangana’ | Frankly Speaking, Amit Shah's 'Mini Bharat' Declaration in Hyderabad; Who will rule the tech city? Why the stock of Mahindra Holidays and Resorts is a good buy, Make way, Dhoni; Captain Gopinath has landed, Digital trends: Meme marketing for more shares and likes, Say cheese, says the organised dairy sector. Experience cleaner site with zero ads and faster load times. It can be perhaps looked at at play school, nursery or kindergarten classes combined with classes 1 and 2. This was a long due and much awaited reform in the education sector, which will transform millions of lives in the times to come. The policy aims at transforming circular and pedagogical structure from the existing 10 years + 2 years to a more inclusive foundational to secondary stage transition. There exists 26 cantons, which are overseen by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Secondary Stage (4): This includes classes 9 to 12 or the secondary and the higher secondary as we know them today. To begin with, the actual number of years remain the same and this does not mean additional years. Customize your preference and get a personalized recommendation of stories based on your interest. The central board and most of the state boards uniformly follow the " 10+2 " pattern of education. Multidisciplinary Education and Research Universities, at par with IITs and IIMs, are to be set up. 10+2 is gradually replacing the conventional modes of intermediate education, being the Intermediate of Science (I.


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