… The Pronghorn lives in the American, Gila monsters may look like monsters, but trust me, humans are a bigger threat to them they, The puma is one of my favorite creatures, it has so many abilities and traits! Of course, instead of believing the Ute, the reporter felt that perhaps the people were confusing the half-man monster with the Gila monsters of Arizona. The mysterious woods, plains, swamps, and mountains hid mysteries that preyed on people’s minds and fueled the legends and stories told around family hearths. This is not surprising, since 20 years prior to this latest incident, Virginians were having problems with a dog-man. According to the account, the beast was unharmed: Quick as a flash it wriggled and one side actually went through the other. It's the world's second-largest rodent (after the capybara of South According to old newspaper reports, something came out of the Dismal Swamp area and began eating people’s dogs and livestock. Bluegill Fish(Lepomis macrochirus). Other known wild animals of America also includes North American river otter,American mink, Ocelot,Red Fox,American beaver,American badger and polar bear. American Bison (Bison bison). READ MORE BLURB GOES HERE 10 Unbelievable Wartime Monster Sightings and 10 Bizarre Prehistoric Cryptid Sightings. However, instead of posting their sightings to social media accounts, the people of the past went to the newspapers, where their stories were published and immortalized. But here are 10 North American animals I’ll bet you are less familiar with. Fortunately for the monster, the party of men were unable to locate its dwelling. This article does not include species found only in captivity. but are more common in North America mainly because of the habitat that is found in, You'll find more Pumas in more rocky, praire-like, mountainy areas in North America, though South America has one of the largest mountain ranges in the world they are, making them a lot colder. With most of the North American continent, the U.S. lies in the Nearctic, Neotropic, and Oceanic … This is a list of North American mammals. As people began to talk among each other, they found out that similar prints had been discovered in the past, albeit further down the river. According to a statement made by the carpenter: It was too horrible looking to describe. Box turtles are omnivores, they eat bugs,  snails, berries, fungi, flowers, roots, fish, salamanders, and have even been observed eating dead ducks! Now isn’t this animal a Disney creation? Three years later and over 160 kilometers (100 mi) away, the people of Lynchburg, Virginia, had similar sightings. It moved like a panther, was fast, and hunted among the local farms.[9]. Wildcat sightings, as well as black panther sightings, have always been a popular topic in newspapers, but this particular sighting in Slick, Oklahoma, was a bit different from those other wildcat stories. When she is not busy digging through newspaper archives, she is usually traveling to historical sites throughout the US. One night, a train dispatcher saw the strange creature, and, he said, it “gave a roar like thunder, grinned in a most ghastly manner and then started off.” The train dispatcher said that since he did not believe in ghosts, he decided to chase after it. They live in deserts and scrub land, These bats live in a variety of places, in fact they live pretty much everywhere in North, There are two kinds of proquipines, African and North american, but we are going, When you see them for the first time you might be thinking, "Alien!!!!!" New York state had its own unique monster problems in 1891. In addition to their beige and brown fur, long, scaly tails, and tiny eyes, they have flexible, elongated snouts that give them the ability to eat anything they sniff out from the ground like roots, insects, and worms. A farmer witnessed the strange creature kill seven of his dogs, but when he went after it with a pistol, the creature attacked him and tore his clothing to shreds.[10]. The Artic Hare and Elk both live in cold artic environments. There was something rather alarming running around Virginia. The event was witnessed by a truck driver, a carpenter, and numerous other people who were out late that night. It was a cold winter in Chesterfield, Idaho, in 1902. According to the locals, the devil creature was ferocious. bison, raccoon, mountain lion, beaver, moose, and jaguar), 914 birds (e.g. It wasn’t long before the older adults returned to the scene. Unionville was also being terrorized by the Red-Whiskered Devil. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on April 25 2017 in Environment. The men were so frightened by it that they emptied their guns into the thing. It was late at night, and witnesses said the curious creature crawled onto the bank and began making strange sounds. Locals called it a devil, and it was likened to the Jersey Devil, which had been acting up in the Pine Barrens again. Glands in their groins and … Soon, the conversation moved onto local superstitions, and the trader, who was accompanied by a local newspaper reporter, was told about the Duchesne River monster. Then it disappeared right in front of him so suddenly that the man gasped in fear. In this case, the monster was described as being half-man and half-dog. These are one of the only wild Horses left in the all of North America! 10. Big dark eyes, ring tail, nocturnal, and crunches up … Today, the Dismal Swamp area is often visited by thrill-seekers who want to catch sight of the ever-elusive Bigfoot that has been spotted in the area by numerous eyewitnesses. They may have been distress cries, according to some accounts, but after about 30 minutes, the creature returned to the water. Holding a monkey wrench, the man followed the creature for 3.2 kilometers (2 mi). They escaped, unharmed. According to the Ute, there is a spot near the head of the Duchesne that was inhabited by “a horrible monster, half man and half beast, with all the powers of an evil spirit.”[4] The monster lived in the valley, and the locals all avoided venturing into the area, believing that the creature would kill them if it caught wind of them. The amazing thing is, I have met people who live in the areas that these animals also live in, and they have no idea they existed!!! 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