or destroyed cultures and assimilated? So they are the same according to some sources. just a thought. I’m on my second round of Ertugrul bey. i now understand how cruel they were. There are times when we feel the corrupt & greedy are the only ones winning in this life. Please, go read the what the accomplished historians have said and written. As the initial history states, only 7 pages exist that show these people as part of the heroic struggel to survive in a hostile environemnts and Kinross’ accounts do verify that reality. I have not been into this Ertugrul craze but after reading this I long to watch it! But at the same time instead of creating fictional heroes, lets celebrate the truth in the history and appreciate our heroes for what they ACTUALLY did. Great casting, scenery and the acting is amazing. gracias por esta clase de series y nos encanto la forma de como le oran a A su Dios. will there be more episodes after the great battle? One would really wish that Muslims went beyond social media to learn about their own history, and would invest in serious studies in order to build a great future for the umma, rather than being content with praising an idealized and incorrect historical Infotainment, Okay Calm down, it’s a good series and there is no doubt about that . but now that you done such a wonderful job of dipicting History. He was great inspiration and support to Ertugrul Bey. I wanted to repeat watching some of the episodes I like most. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. I now look at Turkey in a whole different way. Cant wait to see otman series start from 20th November, You can also watch on : I love history and am finding that the history of the people and their accomplishments are amazing. is such an ugly bug, even Bamsi is better looking. So true it was wrong to betray he like that it took a lot from the Show having other women coming in the help raise and breastfeed her children’s. It shows no signs of ending (yay! Thank you so much. I watched 179 episodes on Netflix. I wander why this is in the movie. S. From Saladin to the Mongols: The Ayyubids of Damascus 1193-1260, SUNY Press 1977, Your email address will not be published. Great perfomance by all. I ENJOYED SEEING THE POSITIVE ATTITUDES OF ISLAM ND DID NOT LIKE THE KILL THE INFIDEL WITH SUCH GUSTO PARTS. I am Jewish and proud of it. At least it’s better than idealizing a western hero that has nothing to do with Islam or our believes. My #1 lifetime favourite movie. Hi Pauline, the episodes run all the way to season five. as there are bad muslims, good christians, there are bad christians and good muslims too… depends on which choices you make, selfish? I love Artuk bey the most. At first, I had difficulty reading the dialogue; but then I picked up my computer and began again. GTOH! app name- ERTUGRAL GAZI, I really love this hero and history of the turks im watching the movie its something that inspire how great these heros wer and stood and followed the truth what greed leads u to no matter what culture or religion it is .. ertugrul was a legend and a true hero and his family suffered alot he deserves a standing evation im in love with the all theses guys playing the characters of ertugrul turget alp ibn arabi mother hayme sulaymen shah halime sultan bamsi dogan humza abdul rahman, This account is so superficial and wrong in several ways. I have been hooked on this series for weeks now. Respect for Sunni Islam and Sufism for its true meaning. Of course I meant five seasons, not episodes. Enjoy it for entertainment & educational value. Ertugrul good drama, but 85% just fictional, I’d say only 15% is Okay. In the history books you will often see Ottoman rule referred to as the Osmanli dynasty. Great to have the history of a truly awesome warrior who never backed down from his values, traditions, and values even in the face of terrific suffering! Thank you for sharing this article. Not made up histories! Please. After which europe realized and united against and fought and played games against turks almost similar to this series! The “information” from the person on Facebook who writes these articles is very factually incorrect on MANY points. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. I too, love watching Ertugrul and similar shows like ‘The Magnificent Century’ and ‘Yunus Emre’ which teach so many great life lessons, not to mention incorporate Quranic stories and Hadith. I’m missing whomever did the sub-titles from season one. Hayme was born circa 1170, in Turkey. I am waiting for series # 6. And the set design. He immediately inherited his father’s position as ruler of Aleppo. I’m on season 5 and exhausted! What a pleasure to see such But it is often said that the children do not walk according to the example of the fathers (ie, of Ertugrul). I’ve been watching this Ertugrul It is very easy to criticise, tell me one movie or drama etc which has given this much information about the Islamic history. Gave a lot of insight on the nomadic life. I really enjoy it I was to impressed by humanity and honesty involved in following Islam, which is today over shadowed by ISIS. I am glad I found this site, because I found out their will be a season 5. Ertugrul *(Engin…)* looks like he was born to play Ertugrul….the transition in his voice acc to situation ,the way he makes an entry somew ,the way he treats everybody acc to their capacity …..God! please be positive. – Selfish and conscious decisions defines who/what you are! Well done. Is it just me, or is there an LOTR thing running through this series? Here you are spreading false information. You guys should too. Geez it’s a show on NETFLIX. Excellent character choices in series, superb cinematography and awesome dialogue and outfits. Each actor out does the other!! Yüce- Sevim p.164^ İt wıth greatest honour to know about thıs people. .let’s send the link which we can find full season of kurulus Osman with my email, akistan Times News (ptn.com) is a Premier Hindi/Urdu language channel that covers current affairs, Islamic history, cricket academy, top 10 trends, top viral videos, top 5 viral trend, social news, sports news, showbiz news, top viral trends, trending news, real facts of life, top 5, top 10, Islamic Wazaif in Hindi/Urdu along with different stories and health tips on this ptn.com youtube channel. People will now research this! God help anyone that wns against a Moslem . He was born on 1210 CE and his birthplace is not known yet. Loved all 5 series and episodes. The information in the sources and the oral stories about the person who is named Halime Sultan in the show is as follow:


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