At most organizations, an HR manager is seen as a trusted resource to whom employees can turn when they have questions or concerns. HR managers have access to a significant amount of sensitive information related to employees’ personal and professional lives. As an HR manager, you use your analytical skills to tap into impactful data and understand the total time and cost to hire employees, identify patterns that might cause employee turnover and point out common trends and themes from employee feedback surveys. While workforce reductions are often the last step employers want to take, the best HR managers recognize that it’s wise to have a plan in place and be prepared for potential layoffs. Career development programs are often the first step in preparing employees to be ‘future ready.’ By providing career development opportunities to all employees, HR managers can build and sustain an adaptable workforce primed for innovation and change. Not only does talent mobility include internal fluidity, but it also incorporates solutions to help employees successfully transition to roles outside the company. As an HR manager, you may have no direct reports, but you need to understand how to manage people. Both your written and oral communication skills must be clear, concise, and effective to individuals on all levels of the organization. HR mangers play a critical role in developing internal talent mobility initiatives that enable employees to continually expand their skills and experiences and to move fluidly throughout the organization in a way that matches skills with work to be done. related content: why talent mobility is both a moral and business imperative. You'll coach and act as a confidant for managers; you'll need to help them manage their people. Because the employee had hypoglycemia and her blood sugar was dropping.. How Do Leaders Inspire Continuous Improvement by Employees? You'll coach and act as a confidant for managers; you'll need to help them manage their people. If you know that an employee is getting laid off next week, and he or she mentions while waiting in the line at the cafeteria that they are putting an offer down on a new house, what should you say? Suzanne Lucas is a freelance journalist specializing in Human Resources. 5 ways to navigate the ups and downs of looking for a job. One of the biggest parts of a compensation package is health insurance. The HR manager role is no exception. A bad one only understands the first half. Because HR problems never, ever end. Employees often perceive their careers as a straight path; yet, a career is often a lattice, where employees gain new skills and experiences across different roles and functional areas. HR is the face of that program for employees. You need to switch back and forth at a moment's notice because you will deal with crises often. All the employees are happy. Qualities of HR Manager Qualities of HR Manager are Sympathetic Attitude, Quick Decisions, Integrity, Patience, Formal Authority, Leadership, Social Responsibility, Good Communication Skills. Because every candidate will walk away from his application process with feelings about your company. Sorry! As an HR manager, you might be responsible for recruitment, onboarding, career development, performance reviews, compensation and benefits and employee relations, among other tasks. In some big companies, every HR person has one specific function such as training or compensation. All rights reserved. Balancing Concern for Individual Workers and Organizational Interests; Change Management; Company Policies; Comparable Worth; Compensation; Computer; Customer Service; Data Analysis; Developing Performance Appraisal Forms and Processes; Developing Strategies for Recruiting Workers; Developing Training Models Firing is much more complicated than saying, “Today is your last day.” The goal of firing an employee is to have that person leave the company and move on with their life. 10 Skills Every HR Manager Needs to Succeed, 6. The 2020 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report found that more than half of respondents (55%) indicated HR will change substantially or radically over the next 12 to 18 months. Compartmentalization is a skill that allows you to put your work into one box and the rest of your life into another, and never the twain shall meet. The 2020 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report. Yes, the insurance company itself will happily help employees, but you need a solid understanding of how different plans work to help employees with their benefits. You were promised that you would not have to do math in HR; that's why you chose it instead of accounting. In some HR roles, you'll act as a de facto manager for many people, even if you aren't the one who writes their annual performance appraisals. Avoid 10 Mistakes Bosses Make to Ensure Your Success Managing People, How to Recruit a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce, Important Human Resources Skills for Workplace Success. Below, we’ve outlined five key skills that top HR managers possess. With the right analytical skills, you can be better equipped as an HR manager to improve the employee experience and show your leadership team how HR is leveraging data to drive business results.


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