Martínez, who’s grown increasingly outspoken about Puerto Rican politics in recent years, has also voiced his displeasure at Puerto Rico’s handling of the pandemic. “She’ll call you if she needs you,” spits Bad Bunny, “but for now she is alone/She twerks alone.”, Directed alongside 21-year-old photographer Stillz, the clip shows Bad Bunny posing in a glossy red wiggle dress, thigh-high boots, and a fashion mullet. And there is, of course, that dream villa he’s plotting — and a lot more music to be made. “She can bring her lyrics and her flow,” he says. I Rammstein sulla cover di Rolling Stone del 7 Giugno 2019 Magazine • di Rolling Stone Achille Lauro fotografato da Fabio Leidi sulla cover di Rolling Stone del 12 Aprile 2019 Bad Bunny photographed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 3rd, 2020. The pair have been taking sexy selfies to help pass the time during lockdown in their Airbnb. Cuomo also repeated the same thing he’s told his brother, Chris Cuomo, on CNN: He’s not running for president. “I didn’t move a single [muscle],” Martínez recalls with a chuckle, doing his best impression of a wooden plank with a thousand-yard stare. It’s a universal message.”, This message was recently tested in late April, when allegations of sexual assault by his road manager, Jesús Hernandéz, circulated on Twitter. “Now that we are in quarantine, 108 cases of gender-based violence [have been reported] in Puerto Rico. Period. Trump has often downplayed the threat of coronavirus and pushed for keeping businesses open, while Cuomo has used sobering statistics, sympathy for victims, and clear messages about what needs to be done, from obtaining medical equipment and federal aid to telling New Yorkers to stay at home to slow the spread. “But I never felt as masculine as I did the day I dressed up like a drag queen.”, Controversial though it is, Martínez wants to underscore that his performance came from the heart. “Maybe I needed the rest!”. [People] don’t know she has helped me a lot in emotional aspects when I needed it the most.” (She also took the photos for Rolling Stone: “It was a cute couple’s activity,” says Martínez of the shoot.). A month later, Bad Bunny dug deep into his vault of unfinished songs, and finalized an 11th-hour follow-up to YHLQMDLG titled Las Que No Iban a Salir, a collection of 10 tracks scrapped from previous sessions. He sighs. Sign up for our newsletter. In addition, two former members of Rosselló’s administration were arrested by the FBI on a 32-count indictment for conspiracy, wire fraud, theft, and money laundering. “I am never going to retire from doing this,” he says, gesturing vaguely. Trust and respect is everything. “He is a creative genius,” says Ricky Martin, who lent his voice to X 100pre. But street reggaetón, O.G. Martínez phoned reggaeton veterans like Nicky Jam and Don Omar, who recorded new guest vocals from their homes; he then headed to his engineer La Paciencia’s house, and finished vocals on the remaining tracks in two days. The New York governor appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine’s new May 2020 issue as a leader in responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Quarantine Couple: Martínez with Berlingeri, whom he’s dated since 2017. He cruises through the suburbs of mid-aughts Puerto Rico on his bicycle, donning a bunny-eared balaclava to protect his third eye. “Yeah, that’s all my father. This is a list of people (real or fictional) appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in the 2020s. (Hernandéz did not respond to a request for comment.) “I am governor of New York,” Cuomo told Rolling Stone. . “I have always felt like there [was] a part of me that is very feminine,” says Martínez. Or is going to do what he says he’s going to do. It’s a job that I believe I am prepared for. The two MCs take turns comparing what they worry are coronavirus symptoms. If you have to make a tough decision and you believe it’s right, make it, and if people resent you for it, so be it, because you have to act in a way that fits your conscience and your heart,” Gov.


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