I currently have one in my McCarty but it's there in D tuning and drop C so the lower tuning seems to tame it down a bit. $150.00 Quick View \m/ PRS Pickup. Paul Reed Smith has this to say about the recent accolade from Guitar Player, “Thanks to everyone at Guitar Player magazine for naming PRS’s Standard Treble and Bass Pickups as one of the 33 biggest pickup design innovations. Adjusting my rig for a guitar wasn't realistic. PRS’s vintage-inspired 57/08 pickups are now available for purchase for the first time through the PRS accessories store and authorized PRS dealers. If you really like the 5708s then I am certian you will dislike the hfs. They clashed with the rest of my rig, and (at the time) being out on the road sometimes I needed a guitar that would morph into my rig when I wanted to use it. Treble Position Pickups: HFS: Stock on Custom 24s, CE 24s and Standard 24s. *This pickup is compatible with our 5 position rotary pickup selector. Personally, I have never been a fan of the HFS/VB pickups. It is a harsh sounding pickup and I dont care for it but there are a lot of folks who do. Moot point as I have a pair of M pickups that are going in the McCarty. ... HFS Treble Pickups. $150.00 Quick View Vintage Bass Pickups. Originally meaning Hot, Fat and Screams, the HFS features a powerful ceramic magnet and hot coils for an aggressive tone when cranked, clear highs, searing midrange and thumping bass. $170.00 Showing items 1-7 of 7. PRS Pickups are made in the USA, wound in our factory in Stevensville, MD and designed by the mindful ears of Paul Reed Smith himself. Dragon II Treble: Stock on Custom 22s, CE 22s … Inspired by 1957 humbuckers and introduced in 2008 (hence the name), these proprietary pickups were designed by Paul Reed Smith and are made with vintage-style wire and wound in-house in PRS’s Electronics department. Those kept me away from PRS for years. Inside Paul Reed Smith’s Home Studio: The Mic Collection November 10, 2020 PRS Product Series: The Breakdown October 2, 2020 PRS Employee Spotlight - Jordan Hoyt // X-Acto Knife Master and Serial Number Writer September 21, 2020


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