“When another in a long line of wristwatches somehow vanished, Paul Murphy, who oversaw Joe Senior’s New York office and often paid the family’s bills, intervened.” (Murphy recommended cheaper wristwatches.). Jack and his older brother Joe are teased for being Catholic at their private grammar school. (Camelot lyricist Alan Jay Lerner went to prep school with Jack.) Explore the scintillating December 2020 issue of Commentary. And today as you turn into his home, March Hare Farm, deep in the … Logevall later says, “She loved being married…. “A subsequent newspaper report,” writes Logevall, “suggested several bikini-clad young women were aboard.”, At home with her mother in Newport, Jackie began to hemorrhage. It ended in 2009 when John’s sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, striving to be appointed to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, used the phrase “you know” 168 times in a 30-minute interview with cable TV station NY1. He couldn’t—and wouldn’t—be married to a woman who tried to share the spotlight with him,” Logevall says Jackie later said. But, it turns out, he also wasn’t a very nice guy. The problem is our elusiveness about Kennedy. Logevall whistles as he walks past the graveyard of Kennedy’s 1954 judgment on Vietnam. P. J. O’Rourke has written nineteen books on subjects as diverse as politics and cars and etiquette and economics. P.J. His peer group, comprising writers such as Tom Wolfe and Hunter S Thompson, is long gone. The Times—always standing ready at the eternal flame, Bic lighter in hand—titled the article “Kennedy, the Elusive President.” Ms. Abramson wrote, in what I suppose she thought was a lament, “An estimated 40,000 books about him have been published since his death… and not one really outstanding one.”. “Certainly it never occurred to Kennedy or Sorensen or anyone else involved in the project that they might be acting unethically,” he writes. Logevall’s take: “The phrasing was…insensitive.”, Logevall makes much of Jack’s Harvard senior thesis, which combined tepid criticism of appeasement with lukewarm apology for it. There’s the looks. Anyone old enough to vote for Kennedy in 1960 is over 80 now. But Logevall is too plodding and academic and lost in the details of being himself charmed by Jack Kennedy to capture Jack Kennedy’s charm. Finally Logevall resorts to Jack’s brave Senate vote for… the St. Lawrence Seaway. Logevall can quote attempts to describe the charm. The assassination of John F. Kennedy is almost as distant in time as the assassination of William McKinley was when Kennedy took office. Logevall quotes Joe Healy: “If ever I saw a person make a decision in conscience and on merits… it was the St. Lawrence Seaway decision made by Jack Kennedy.” Joe Healey was one of Joe Kennedy lawyers. Click here to send a letter to the editor. “I fell in love with Jack Kennedy immediately,” gushed Kennedy’s future FCC chairman Newton Minow. You write him a gracious letter and admit it.” Logevall comments only, “Lem, dutiful as always, went along.”, Jack was a cheapskate. Jack and Joe construct a homemade parachute for jumping off the roof of their house. Jack was a rude cheapskate. Share confidential news tips with The Post, The New Hampshire primary and the Fort Worth rodeo have more in common than you’d think, We need a political system that isn’t so sure of itself, It’s time to make rich people uncomfortable again. No thanks, however, to this particular book. We want to hear your thoughts about this article. Logevall collects telling anecdotes without seeing what they tell. In his JFK and all the rest of these “not really outstanding” books, the problem isn’t Kennedy’s elusiveness. But the distant, hazy, reminiscent glow lingers, especially in high places such as the Harvard history department. And it ended in 2020 when Joe Kennedy II’s son, Joe Kennedy III, after four of the seemingly hereditary dim terms in the House of Representatives, ran in the Democratic Senate primary against incumbent Ed Markey—and lost. Logevall insists on taking us along. The monthly magazine of opinion. “All of us who were in contact with [Kennedy] immediately fell in love with him,” enthused Hollywood producer Dore Schary, who’d made a film featuring Jack for the 1956 Democratic convention. As PT-109 hero and about-to-be Massachusetts congressman, he promised to visit his war buddy Red Fay and Red’s family and friends, “then showed up late…bailing early on a party in his honor in order to go to a movie with another friend…. Characteristically short on cash, he borrowed $20 from Fay.”. It certainly ended in 1999 when John crashed his plane, killing himself, his wife, and his sister-in-law. To the extent that there’s even a real “we” left to wonder. Jack wrote to Lem, “Tell [the officer]… you’re sorry and you realize you should not have done it, etc…. Start your risk free trial with unlimited access. Charisma’s root is the Greek word for a “gift of grace,” which endows its possessor with a power of leadership and authority. Licensing should help them meet America’s rigorous standards. But JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century 1917–1956, by Pulitzer Prize–winning Harvard history professor Fredrik Logevall, brings us no closure and implicitly threatens a second 1957–1963 volume and even—spare us—a Legacy third. We’re afraid—no, we know—that if we inspect John F. Kennedy too closely, we’ll wonder what we saw in him. P.J. So Jack was initially told that Jackie felt poorly.”, Jack immediately—or reluctantly—came home. O’Rourke, a political satirist who is a Washington Post contributing columnist, is the editor in chief of the online magazine American Consequences. Jackie herself is treated by Logevall with something like Logevall’s own description of “the now familiar Jack Kennedy detachment.”, “The main thing for me was to do whatever my husband wanted. And greater political support, having won reelection in 1900 by a margin of almost a million votes out of some 14 million cast. The baby girl was stillborn. No one called the McKinley years “The Mikado Era” (the hit musical of the day). . They eat them anyway. Logevall’s is another. Logevall describes Joe as “more pugnacious and combative” and “challenging older boys to fight.” Meanwhile Jack uses the “popular schoolyard currency” of marbles for “betting on his brother to win the scraps.”. (And 49.55 percent of them voted for Nixon.) Jack’s sick-in-bed dodge to keep from voting on the censure of his dad’s old pal Joe McCarthy must therefore be quickly passed over. Logevall can cite the charm. At an inn in Munich, Jack noted, “Had a talk with the proprietor who is quite the Hitler fan. O'Rourke attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he graduated in 1969, and received an M.A. According to Jack, after visiting Danzig, “the situation up there is very complicated.” Jack finds the USSR “crude, backward, and hopelessly bureaucratic.” In Palestine Jack thinks…thinks what people who think they are thinkers think to this very day: “The important thing is to try to work out a solution that will work… two autonomous districts giving them both self-government.”, Logevall doesn’t let us turn our eyes away from Jack’s diary account of his 1945 postwar visit to Germany.


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