Hi Elaine! hi there… Daughter bought a pair of trousers material, polyester, nylon and elastane. It is super important to take your time when sewing these fabrics. I discovered that stitch I was thinking of, on my Singer 44S “Classic”, is actually called “multi-stitch zigzag”. The next step is to insert the needle through the fabric just below the unfinished edge. Tee Shirts, button holes, and zig zag stitch? The overcasting foot makes your overcast stitch come out faster and with minimal stress. These textiles can be stretch-woven fabrics, single knits, some double knits, and even bias-cut fabrics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In recent times, machine sewing is favoured by a lot of sewing enthusiasts. If you’re ready to design the perfect stretchy fabric, you can shave the price down with our 30% Student Fabric Discount. The most prominent feature of these fabrics is their 4-way stretch. We wish you luck on altering your daughter’s trousers – sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you! The next step is to secure the thread tightly. To make things easier, you should get an overcasting foot. I”d like to whip up a couple of cotton jersey slip-type night dresses now that the weather has gotten very hot. However, the product is much better than trying to make an overcast stitch without the overcasting foot. You can use it for outlining designs. One is, you can try replacing the elastic band in the leggings with a fabric band! Really tired of having to RE-repair something I’ve already repaired! How to Sew an Overcast Stitch. How to Get More Instagram Followers as an Artist: 7 Creative Tips, 6 Easy Ways To Turn Your Followers Into Returning Customers, How To Avoid The 13 Most Common Sewing Mistakes, How To Print Your Instagram Photos on Leather Like a Pro, What Is Viscose: Understanding Your Fabrics, 19 Revolutionary Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter, History of the Sewing Machine: A Story Stitched In Scandal. Overlockers or sergers are wonderful at handling stretch fabrics and creating a polished finish, but are they always necessary? Any 70-90 (10-14) sized needle should suffice. I had to STUDY the manual before I got started to make this mess. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your granddaughter’s pair of leggings! It didn’t go much better than previous repairs, so I looked up some of that “fuzzy nylon” thread, and found that Walmart carries it, though I’ll have to order it since they don’t have it on the shelves in the store. Can you give any tips for neck and button holes for a button up Baseball long sleeve baseball shirt? How to Sew an Overcast Stitch on a Stretch Fabric Zigzag stitch Knit stitch Tricot stitch Overlock stitch Double overedge stitch Insert your line through the eye of the needle, then make a knot to secure the thread. Because these stitches are connected differently to the regular stitches, your overcast stitches wouldn’t come apart even when you stretch it. It runs smoothly because of the guide. After a couple of wears they are to big on the waists and too wide on the legs… Can’t replace them cause they don’t have a size UK lady 4…at the time of buying them we thought she could get away with the 6, but now know there’s no chance. The best stitches to use for sewing stretch fabrics are: TOP TIP: If you are planning on stitching buttonholes in a stretch fabric, we recommend sewing in the direction of least stretch. Required fields are marked *. Suggestions? I recommend you keep your stitch even so that it looks neat and uniform. The difficulty some people might find with sewing elastics comes from the amount of stretch that certain fabric might have. With a machine, you can sew faster and neater. A17 – Stretch Seam Overcast Stitch Seam and overcast in one step along the edge or trim later. Do this at the back of the fabric where you would typically take the next stitches. Stretch fabric is a generic term for any textile, knitted or woven, that has a greater amount of recovery and stretch than is normally expected. How To Fix A Thread Jam On A Sewing Machine?


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