He caught the 133 cm-long predator, which weighed 26.7 kg (58 lb 14 oz), from a water in the Czech Republic. So I decided to try a live bait instead and after a few hours I caught only a small jack. We Review Current Records And This Big One! “I cast a rubber lure into a deeper area of the lake, and received a ‘blunt chop’ that made the rod crack. – I hope so but it gets worse here – people started to poach with electricity. – Not many and it’s also a problem. He lured a specimen claimed to be 140 cm long with a weight of 25.3 kg. What was the lure if it’s not a secret? Besides I don’t like to fish with well-known lures and brands. England. Tom is my editor at the publishers, he will send pictures and further information onto you. He caught the 133 cm-long predator, which weighed 26.7 kg (58 lb 14 oz), from a water in the Czech Republic. Don’t forget to tell us about it and send photos to us. I decided to fish only big lures and completely different spots like for example deep holes that I hadn’t fished before … and it did worked ! Oxford. Published on 23 January 2019 29 September 2019 by hlehle. There was a lot of crucian carp, rudd, perch and more. We Review Current Records And This Big One! New World Record Pike? England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Larry Ramsell: Posted 2/1/2019 11:49 AM (#929869) Subject: Possible New World Record Pike! How long have you been fishing and is it your main hobby?– My father took me for a fishing trip when I was 4 and that changed my life forever.How often do you fish?– Every day off and very often after work for at least 2 hours. All the latest inspiration, tips and guides to help you plan your next Advnture! It’s not the UK, it’s not Netherlands, it’s not Sweden… It’s Bulgaria and the fishing culture is different there. The big one swallowed the small pike and also cut my line over the leader. If you look it carefully, you see that the hands and the fish doesn’t belong in that photo at all. Every day off and very often after work for at least 2 hours. I’ve observed that when big pikes are active the small ones are hiding and just disappear. I prefer to try different ideas. About that world record pike, I’m not fisherman, I am photographer and I have to say that black and white photo is fake. Let’s start with a general question first. #okoń #wędkarstwo #wędkarstwospining. “Big pike are always interesting. What is the reason of this change. World Record Pike 25.3 kg and 140 cm – interview with Petar Filipov. Czech Lukas Matejka’s catch is considered by many anglers – but not all – to now be the World record pike. Bath Neville said: “Quite a few pike of over 50 lb have been recorded, though some have been fakes. Lothar caught a 25 kg (55 lb 1 oz) specimen on a spoon at Lake of Greffern, in Germany. It was a pleasure talking to you. – Lure fishing in general – spinning, trolling and casting. What about Bulgarian anglers – whether they release fish? The current world record Nothern Pike is 55 lbs and 1 oz. Is it a lake? I’ve been fishing them for years, observing the changes all the time. – I would prefer to keep it secret. I’m jealous ! The book took six years to write and covers virtually every aspect of pike fishing globally, five of the worlds leading pike anglers have written chapters for the book. Of course sometimes I cannot catch anything So I started to experiment with handmade lures. Posts: 1177 Location: Hayward, Wisconsin: Rather than revive my thread about big pike, I thought this one should stand on its own. “I’m expecting the UK to produce a big pike out of the blue soon, as there hasn’t been one around the 45-46 lb mark for a few years now. “The greatest joy is, of course, that the ‘queen’ still lives in a beautiful environment. If you lived in a country with different role models you would do the same. All these fish almost disappear. I was surprised that she didn’t jump or shake her head at all. What fishing methods you use? The beginning of the fight was brutal and mad but it didn’t take much time. Have you caught any other big pike? At the same time there is no proper law that would punish these people. New World Record Pike? Sign in to follow this . Please accept More info Accept, This sites uses cookies ... blah blah blah. You told us a lot about this monster pike. “A lake stuffed with 2-4 lb fish is ideal feeding ground for pike, just like trout lakes. – Spoons, wobblers and jerks. Check this thing out.. It’s about 5 ha. Not many anglers anymore, no poachers, no small pike but still not many fish at all… So I started to think it’s because of some serious predator , maybe huge pike. Fred Buller one of the worlds great pike historians has also written a chapter on how to locate a world record pike, the book is available on Amazon and is also in ebook form too. The strike wasn’t typical hit but more like a very strong stoppage. – Single: Date: 1 month ago: Duration: 12:53: Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3) Audio Summary: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s: Download Lagu Gratis Episode 35 Season 2: Is This A New World Record Pike? Nie zmienia to faktu, że ten banał dokładnie opisuje stan mojego umysłu :), This sites uses cookies ... blah blah blah. © Still one month, Monster #perch on board ! Followers 0. She was massive and I was thinking how to land it without hurting her but fortunately she was really calm when I took her out of the water. You have to think like a predator fish, it has to be your second nature. For last 3 years I prefer handmade lures. #okoń #baars #aborr, Beauty !! “I could feel that it was a big fish, but I never imagined that it would pull the scales round to 26.7 kg. It wouldn’t surprise me if it came from a commercial carp water. I wanted to find out what had happened to the lake. “The fish was caught from a water in the Czech Bohemia region, and was released immediately after ‘documentation’. I am currently making a video about some of the largest piek in the world. – Thank you ! North American Record Pike World record weight: 46 lb.


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