Breed. The Koolie of today is a product of a cross between the German Koolie and the Australian Dingo. Type of Test. So it only made sense to cross them with a Poodle in an effort to reduce their shedding habits. Bathurst. NB. 3 beautiful boys from a litter of 8, looking for their forever families. $2,500. Border Collie Koolie Pups For Sale born 30th August Microchipped, wormed and vaccinated. Very trainable and intelligent. Suit working/agility or family pet. The Koolie (also known as the Australian Koolie or German Coolie) is an Australian dog breed. Kelpie cross Koolie Puppies - 3 BOYS LEFT. Species. View both parents – mother chocolate/white Border Collie, father blue merle Koolie. So it's not surprising that when two beautiful dog breeds mix, the cross breed is a crazy combination of all their best features. Poogles will range in size, but will usually be medium-sized dogs. A Koolie is often described as looking like a cross between a rough Collie and a border Collie, although it is rangier in build. The dog has been around for a long time and in 2000, the Koolie Club of Australia was formed. It was in 2004 that the Koolie was recognized by the Australian Sporting Registrar. Started basic training skills. Intensity Dilution. Breed: Koolie Temperament: loyal, responsive, energetic Lifespan: 15 years Recommended for: active people, anyone willing to work their dog Maintenance: low Appearance. The Koolie is a 'herding dog', one which has a natural instinct to cast out (i.e., circle widely), round sheep and bring them back to their owner. Beagles shed quite a bit, so crossing them with the Poodle was a successful effort to reduce pet dander for dog allergy sufferers. The intensity coat color gene variant causes an extreme dilution of phaeomelanin (red or yellow pigment), resulting in a cream to white coat in dogs. Always breed responsibly with … 3 Black/white males. Koolie. Whilst “designer dogs” can be perceived as adorable, we do not wish to promote any kind of harmful or unhealthy breeding. Koolies are known as silent, upright, working dogs. Search Keywords. Koolie Find DNA Tests. ... Toy poodle puppies born in 3/10/20 Black /1 male 2 female, Red /2 male. Great companions.


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