At the same time, it is incredibly different from anything you've tasted in the states before. In fact, Bulgogi, which is one of the most representative (and healthiest) Korean BBQ dishes, is one of my favorite, and most simple meals to cook! Your email address will not be published. If you're trying to trim down your waistline, be sure to STEER away from dishes such as the beef belly! 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If you ever have the opportunity to explore this vibrant country, you should certainly not miss out on your opportunity to try Korean BBQ in its country of origin during your trip. Meat is always cooked all the way through–Kalbi is never rare, and its full flavor cannot be experienced until it is fully cooked. No sauces are used in Korean BBQ preparation, aside from soy sauce. Korean BBQ even comes in the form of what is essentially chicken wings. Before we explore Korean BBQ’s healthy benefits, let’s learn about what it is. This side is cabbage which is fermented in the spicy Korean pepper used to make gochujang sauce goes great with pork and chicken, but be warned: It is very spicy (and addictively delicious!)! Required fields are marked *. Alternatively, there are also quite a few Korean BBQ dishes to avoid if you're wanting to be more health-conscious. Filed Under: Food Tips Tagged With: BBQ, indoor grill, Korean bbq, Your email address will not be published. Kalbi is a great food to add to your diet, so eat up! Moo goes great with- maybe you guessed it- beef! Discover the Benefits of Green Tea for Dieting: Weight Loss and More. You won’t run into this issue if you add Kalbi to your diet, however. And the best news is- there is a wide array of healthy Korean BBQ options including the ever-popular brisket and sirloin! Make sure to avoid Korean BBQ items which use high-fat cuts such as ribeye, high-calorie meats such as intestines, and especially those which contain the most fat and calories- pork and beef belly. This naturally strips away fat and calories, making Korean BBQ a healthy and delicious diet food. Korean BBQ is simple (and affordable) to find in most major cities all around the world. Serve it on top of rice, and add an over-easy egg to complete the meal! Planning a 7 Day Diet Menu For 1,000 Calories: Tips & Free Sample Diet Plan, The Dangers of Herbal Diet Teas & How to Use Them Safely, What Organic Fruits & Vegetables are in Season in the Spring? This post is part of the series: Dietary Benefits of Korean Food, Why Korean BBQ (Kalbi) is Great for Any Diet, Bokkeumbap: A Look At Healthy Korean Fried Rice, Gochujang, Korea’s Healthiest Diet Condiment, Making Low Carbohydrate Canned Foods a Part of Your Low-Carb Diet. Luckily, for those of you concerned about eating healthy foods, Korean BBQ is served with some delicious and incredibly healthy side dishes. This naturally strips away fat and calories, making Korean BBQ a healthy and delicious diet food. Simply cut your meat, marinate it overnight, and cook thoroughly! Compared to a side of BBQ wings at your local restaurant, this is extremely low in calories–enough to keep you full without making you fatter. While it cooks, the excess fat and grease drips away from the grill and into a pot below the grill. The benefits include: Kalbi itself is a lean, nutritious Korean diet food that is low in calories and fat content. When prepared correctly, a serving of Korean BBQ is about 163 calories, give or take. Kimchi is a must-try for everyone who loves spice! In Korea, this popular dish is known as "Gogi-Gui", and is prepared in a multitude of ways. Korean BBQ is much easier and affordable to make at home than you would ever imagine! All Rights Reserved. Korean BBQ is no different; It tastes both unique, and familiar at the same time. Sometimes gochujang (red pepper paste) or sweet wine is used to vary the flavors, making it spicy or sweet. How Effective is the Isagenix Meal Replacement Plan? Copyright © 2020 | | All right reserved. Only the leanest cuts of meat are used to make Korean BBQ, and many Koreans are not at risk for cardiovascular diseases, a side effect of eating too much meat. Thank you for your continued support! Thin slices of meat are cut and placed into a bowl containing a Korean BBQ mixture of josun ganjang (Korean soy sauce), garlic, sugar, and sesame oil. If this was the case for you, please consider giving it another chance elsewhere! After all, there is a good reason why this Korean cuisine has become so popular in America so quickly! Benefits of Colloidal Silver: Discover the Many Uses of Colloidal Silver & How It Can Help You, A Guide to Middle Ear Infection in Adults: Why They Occur and How to Reduce Discomfort. If you or a loved one are a bit trepidatious when it comes to trying new things, I assure you, you will not be disappointed with Korean BBQ. Although brisket and pork belly are the kings … It should come as no surprise that the best place to find Korean BBQ is in South Korea, especially in the thriving capital city of Seoul! Known as 'Ban Chan', these side dishes generally consist of pickled vegetables; Again, pickled vegetables are a food item which may seem a bit stand-offish to most Americans, but are actually quite delicious if you give them a chance! Compared to a side of BBQ wings at your local restaurant, this is extremely low in calories–enough to keep you full without making you fatter. Even in the United States, BBQ techniques and tastes vary significantly from region to region, but all distinctively taste like BBQ. Undoubtedly, the second thing to pop into your head was, "Is Korean BBQ healthy?". From the first bite, you will recognize very familiar notes of flavor; The same you experience from eating American BBQ. In Kalbi restaurants, Kalbi is usually accompanied with steamed lettuce and banchan, Korean side dishes. I have always been more adventurous in my food choices, though most of my family is your incredibly "traditional" Midwestern family who would rather eat nothing but hamburgers for the rest of their lives than try anything new; However, after their first time trying Korean, they couldn't stop raving about it! Kelp and Weight Loss: Can This Sea Vegetable Help You Lose Unwanted Pounds? When prepared correctly, a serving of Korean BBQ is about 163 calories, give or take. Galbi, another popular BBQ dish in Korea consists of short ribs marinated in a sauce that is equal parts sweet and savory.


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