Wrap the other top wire around the tip as well. However wire wrapping small gemstones with no holes is not quite the same. It won’t stay in place on its own at this point. You gave very clear and precise instructions. You can use this opportunity to "clean up" the top coil, by wrapping neatly over your previous wraps there. You can now trim the wires that you’ve already wrapped around the tip, leaving only the two center wires. Slide a chain through the loop at the top and your wire wrap stone pendants are ready to wear with lots of pride! It won't stay in place on its own at this point. Through wire wrapping, you can also secure beads to a form , or even attach non bead items such as wire wrapping rhinestone cup chain onto a bangle . I am dyslexic and usually have a very hard time following... reading ... following... reading, reading... your pictures helped greatly! Love crafting outside the box? 16. Tip: learn how to work with wire from scratch, and make a wire-only pendant in this wire heart  pendant tutorial! 13. However, you’ll find that you can typically complete it in under half an hour, and the supplies list is really small. You'll still need to hold the stone in place. Start wrapping the top by just bending the wire to the side on the right height and wrapping it around again. Other Items to Wire Wrap. Make a number of chain stitches. A few notes about which wires to use to wire wrap stone: Tip: you can check out my full tutorial on copper jewelry making if you’re new at this!. To start wrapping a stone for a pendant, cut three or four long pieces of your thicker wire and a piece of your thin wire. Jan 13, 2018 - How to Wire Wrap Small Stones #WireJewleryIdeas Cross the wires at the top, twist together to hold wires in place: one or two twists will do. In this post, I shared with you a very exact wire wrap stone pendant tutorial. Tuck any loose, sharp ends into your wrapped coil. ClearlyChosen Swarovski Library & Jewelry Making Info, 2 more Wire Coling and Wire Wrapping added. Wire-wrapped stones can easily be attached to chains, earring posts or keychains. This will really help position it well. Softer wires bend more easily, will wrap … A Squiggle - but what is the stitch? If you have a pretty gemstone or piece of sea glass without a hole, but want to turn it into a necklace, this is the easiest way to do it! Keep wrapping tightly and you will create the coiled look that is common on many wire-wrapped pieces. It is easier to wire wrap stones that have holes because the holes give you an base/anchor for your wire to start. Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Using your pliers to help you slide it underneath each time, tightly coil around the inetrsection a few times. This will really help position it well. Form a loop on the top with one of the wires that is coming up the center, using round nose pliers. Keep in mind that while this isn't an exact formula, you are now creating the design. Your back will look something like this. If you’re struggling with that – remove the stone as you complete your wrapping, and only hold it in place while you do a single “positioning” wrap. Thanks for visiting! I try - it's nice to know when it works out <3. The left two should be inside the right two (or vice versa). Coil your vertical wire tightly and neatly a few times around your horizontal wires. Line up two lengths of wire. Wire wrapping allows you to set precious and semi-precious gemstones into simple or elaborate metal frameworks made out of copper, silver, gold, and other materials. So make sure it looks pretty, focus on aesthetics. Wrap the chain stitch wire around the length of your stone and as best as you can, hold the stone in place. You can get started for about $30. Tuck any loose, sharp ends into your wrapped coil. There are many ways to use small stones with no holes - the easiest that comes to mind is to glue them. This is a stone with crystals on the inside, and you can get geode slices encased in resin. What a wonderful way to use your extra stones. Some beads work well for wire-wrapping. Photos here are not very clear as they were taken using my mobile phone, and in the dead of night. Feb 25, 2019 - Explore Colleen's Creations's board "How to Wire Wrap Small Stones" on Pinterest. Wrap it a couple of times around your coil top. Bead stores offer a wide variety of cabochon, polished and uncut stones that you can wrap with gold, silver or brass wire. You can try the simpler wire wrap cabochon project that I’ve shared just a week ago, or scroll down to take it a level up! While this wire wrap stone tutorial has lots of steps (twenty to be exact) it’s only because it’s so specific – for the reasons I mentioned above. Finish off the right half of your vertical wire by wrapping it around the horizontal wires three times (again, not an exact science but it has to look good). Using the longer wire, weave into the stitches of the crocheted chain stitch. google_color_url="E55600"; Repeat with the other back wire. How to wire wrap a stone using the simple spiral cage technique. Question: Hi, I seem to have the opposite problem as some other wire workers – I like a stone with very little girdle. At this point your stone should hold rock solid in place. Stick one little wire through that hole, and you’re immediately free to stop worrying about the structure and instead play with the form. Readjust the positioning of the wires as needed. Tweet. I'm Menucha, the force behind Moms & Crafters - just here to share some ideas with you! You’ll learn some of the basics of creating hammered wire jewelry. Repeat with your other wire that has already been wrapped around the end. Hi Tina, I'm so happy the tutorial was clear! Slide a piece of wire about 3-4 inches in length under the point of your front X where the wires intersect.