Not very accurate, but still awesome. What Is Moz Rank and How to Use it in SEO and Marketing? You can register for a free account to get 10 traffic overview reports per day. Use Sitechecker free traffic tool and get the information is provided above. For commercial website owners and professional bloggers, the paid version is all worth it. It’s known for massive index when comparing different websites in a niche. You can check our “Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics“. It includes a useful media planner tool and some demographic information. But you should signup and install the Quantcast tag on your site to use the service. Traffic analysis is important for business professionals, website owners, administrators, marketers and SEO specialists. SimilarWeb collects data with browser extensions and toolbars, so information can be obtained from a sample of users. Analyze how traffic dynamics was changed for the last 6 month for each website. Although Alexa is useful for predicting future trends of a website, you may not be able to make any real use of the charts, in some situations. Generally web traffic is defined in two terms for a specific period – page views and unique visits. Understanding how to track visitors to your website is essential in order to retain and convert these visitors into leads, sales, and repeat visitors. I need a counter to integrate inside my HTML code that counts from one to three when the visitors visited my webpage. So this is not an actual number of visitors to that site. So if you really need to know the traffic data of a website then request the site owners to share the data from their Google Analytics account. We know the idea is enticing and we might come up with a solution for you in the near future. SEMrush also offer a new Traffic Analytics tool that will help you to find the traffic details of your competitors. The premium version of Alexa is also useful for comparing traffic and general trends of multiple websites. Home » Website Building » SEO » 5 Ways to Find Number of Visitors to a Website. 5 Ways to Find Number of Visitors to a Website, Download free WordPress SEO guide to rank top in Google search. Find out more about 'cookies' in our Privacy Policy. Fortunately, these tools are easy to use and you can use these tools to analyze your competitors. Be sure to check out the additional Real-Time sections in the left-hand navigation to learn more about your active users' behavior. From what country that has been visit of the website? You can check our “. Use the Google Analytics tool. Quantcast is free, so this is a good enough incentive for new bloggers. Once you are comfortable with a service, you can always migrate to a paid version to get much more information and benefits. Remember all the above explained tools try to offer estimated traffic data of a site. You will see detailed traffic analysis for the previous month. By comparing your website with the competitors and the industry in general, you can keep abreast of your online performance. Find out which backlinks bring them the most of visitors from referral traffic. SimilarWeb is a website traffic checker that’s similar to Alexa, except, it’s got a lot more detail put into it, so it’s more accurate! This shouldn’t include bots that crawl your website for various purposes, such as for search engine ranking and data gathering. The free Alexa tool does not show the estimated number of visitors. WebNots is a knowledge sharing platform for webmasters and tech geeks. Related: How to find number pages on a website? How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting for your Blog. How to find last updated date of a webpage? Detect how many of them use paid ads for users acquisition. While this is great data, you also need to know how many of them did what you want them to do while they were on your site. Please follow the link in this letter to verify your mailbox and start your free trial. Fortunately, traffic estimator and analysis service doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially for new bloggers. Use the Google Analytics tool. Want to improve this question? The number of site visitors that click on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to increase your form conversions, build a bigger email list, or sell more products and services. Using this website means you're agree with this. Fix Slow Page Loading Issue in Google Chrome, View Webpage Source CSS and HTML in Google Chrome, Fix I’m Not A Robot reCAPTCHA Issue in Google Search, Move WordPress Localhost Site to Live Server. Closed. under Search Engine Marketing. This includes ranking, sources, total visits, traffic by countries and more. Paid version of SimilarWeb offers even more information, including mobile app engagement, campaign effectiveness benchmark, most popular pages and others. How to Show Last Updated Date in WordPress Blog? You can use this information to effectively improve the number of unique visitors. Is this data accurate? SimilarWeb is a useful tool for new bloggers, because it breaks down traffic sources based on different factors, such as device used and keywords. Although the data may not be reliable for smaller website, it still provides some good information. Your password has been reset successfully! The main takeaway is that it gives you a line graph with values for the number of daily unique visitors and the sources. Use the below tools to find traffic data, that is number of visitors to a website: SEMrush is also known for its exceptional accuracy and it’s a reliable tool to check the traffic of a website. You can immediately make crucial decisions that have an effect on your incoming traffic. … The number of site visitors that click on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to increase your form conversions, build a bigger email list, or sell more products and services. Among all, Google Analytics is the best but applicable for site owners. SEMrush. If you know how to utilize SEMrush, you should be able to derive plenty of value from it. We'll check your website's health while you are reading an article, Estimate website traffic stats by different channels & in different periods. Unfortunately, the website checker does not provide you with free data on a given website's traffic statistics.Unlike other tools, there is also no paid PRO version available that would allow you to run a website traffic test. The number of unique human visitors who visits a website is referred as unique visits while the total pages viewed is called page views. There are two options: Ivan works as a product marketing specialist at Sitechecker.


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