Health informatics professionals also often manage and safeguard patient data such as treatments, test results and other patient histories to comply with regulations and company policies. A health informatics specialist is a valued contributor in a wide range of health care settings, from hospitals and research centers to consulting roles. Communication and collaboration skills: These skills are among the most valued for health informatics professionals because they interact with people from a cross-section of their organization, as well as with stakeholder groups. Public Health Degrees is owned and operated by 2U, Inc.© 2020 2U Inc. Public Health Degrees is owned and operated by 2U, Inc. While informatics in medicine is increasing the usefulness of patient data, a federal mandate for “meaningful use” of digitized patient records plus financial incentives for creating and maintaining electronic health records are putting pressure on even the smallest clinics to use computers to improve care. Explore All Public Health Degree Programs, Baylor University Master of Public Health, Earn your MPH online in as few as 18 months, George Washington University Master of Public Health, Earn your MPH online in as few as 12 months, Earn your MPH online in as few as 20 months, University of North Carolina Master of Public Health, Earn your MPH Online in as few as 20 months, Simmons University Master of Public Health, Earn your MPH online in as few as 21 months, University of North Carolina Master of Public Health/Registered Dietitian, George Washington University Master of Health Administration, Earn your MHA online in as few as 24 months, Tufts University Master of Health Informatics & Analytics, Earn your MHI online in as few as 20 months. In smaller settings, such as a doctor’s office or a small medical practice, a clinical informaticist might be responsible for organizing and managing patient data; making the information available to health care providers, staff, and patients; educating the end users in the current systems; optimizing information technology (IT) use; and receiving feedback and requests from users. 3,337 Healthcare Informatics jobs available on Hospital: Health care managers consult data regularly to guide clinical and commercial decisions, and rely on informatics specialists to deliver information seamlessly. If you are considering an advanced degree to achieve it and don’t want to quit your job, a master’s in health informatics online program might be right for you. If you already have IT or hospital administration experience, being a director of informatics for a healthcare organization is the most lucrative job on the list. Choose Public Health Degree Based on Personality, Master’s in Health Informatics vs. Health Information Management. After completing a nursing informatics program, you’ll be prepared to handle complex health information in hospitals, nursing homes, public health firms and research labs. Professionals in this field can work as computer systems managers, health informationists, and clinical analysts. A pharmacy informatics specialist draws on medical knowledge and information technology to improve patient outcomes. People in this position work closely with health care providers to ensure clinical information systems are functioning properly and providing adequate support to the mission. Some people start with a clinical background and receive training in information technology. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum required to work in a consultant role. The ability to solve problems helps professionals find solutions to meet all stakeholders’ needs. Careers in health informatics vary depending on the size of the employer and what types of health data they manage. Clinical informatics specialists typically have a bachelor’s degree and some clinical experience. Those with health care experience, such as nurses, may be better prepared for leadership positions in this evolving field. The nursing informatics field spans nursing, computer science and information science to support the practice of nursing. Official Information on Masks in the Coronavirus Pandemic—All in One Place, 79 Resources for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder, health informatics careers are burgeoning, federally mandated transition to electronic health care records, bachelor’s degree is necessary for management jobs, medical records and health information technicians, computer and information research scientists, What Can You Do With a Public Health Degree, Continuing Professional Development Resources. This is a growing field, but at present the primary areas of specialization include: Clinical informatics. They design systems and build functions that allow nurses to make the best use of data. The informatics manager is responsible for making sure systems are working when they are needed.


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