Since the Shell Shield must be equipped to complete the quest, character level of at least 7 is required on a job that can wear the shield (Warrior, Red Mage, Paladin, Beastmaster, or Samurai.) Quests & Missions; FFXI Feedback; Cross Site. The Bastok Port provides a mix of living quarters, shops and restaurants, plus access to Jeuno via the airship. Historical Significance. Site Feedback; Wikibase Feedback; General Game Discussion; TV, Movies, Anime & Books ; Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting; Out of Topic; The Asylum; Live Forum Updates; Followed Threads; Forum Search; Server Forums. Add New Comment. 1 Quick Fame 2 2.1 Legend 3 Quests of Note 4 Bastok Markets 5 Bastok Mines 6 Metalworks 7 Port Bastok 8 Beadeaux If you cannot access a specific quest, repeat quest Only the Best to level up fame. There are nine levels of Bastok fame, and your fame can be checked at the NPC Flaco in Port Bastok at (E-6). Then head to Altepa and chocobo to Korroloka Tunnel. Recommended Level for Welcome to Bastok. If you feel you have worthwhile information that should be added, please do so or DM me Spiffly via the link or on Discord Welcome to FFXI and Eden! Note that many Bastok quests can only be started after meeting the required Bastok fame level. Welcome t'Norg Series Rise of the Zilart Starting NPC None Title None Repeatable No: Description Lion has someone she wants you to meet. Display by: Minimum Rating: Add Comment. She will be waiting for you at the room at the end of the hallway on the second floor of Norg. Firefox Search … These are quests listed under the "Bastok" section of the FFXI quest log. Simply click on the arrow >< icons in each row to automatically sort that row by its relevant information. Bismarck; Cerberus; Lakshmi; Ragnarok; Shiva; Job Forums; 1. This guide is a work in progress. Welcome to Bastok: Powhatan: E-6 Port Bastok: Spatha: If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward. Fame can be checked at NPC Flaco (E-6) Port Bastok. Port Bastok J-6 Welcome to Bastok: General Powhatan Port Bastok E-6 Mission Nation Starter Location The Call of the Wyrmking: Promathia 3-1--- --- The Enduring Tumult of War : Promathia 5-1--- --- Other Information Edit. Warehouses hold the various products arriving and departing via the airships to and from distant lands. Make sure you can Teleport-Altep and Escape. Teleports can also get you to Bastok in 3 simple steps. Port Bastok E-6 The Walls of Your Mind: Weaponskill: Oggbi Port Bastok E-6 Till Death Do Us Part: General Romilda Port Bastok I-7 Trial by Earth: Avatar Juroro Port Bastok I-8 Trial Size Trial by Earth: Avatar Ferrol Port Bastok I-8 The Wisdom of Elders: General Benita Port Bastok J-6 Welcome to Bastok: General Powhatan Port Bastok E-6 See Quick Reputation Guide for alternative options to level fame. If you rolled your character in Bastok, this is the place learn how to make gil, in and around it's starting areas. All FFXI; FFXI General; Trade Skills; More FFXI. A character level 7-10 should be able to defeat one of the Quadavs that drops the shield.


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