I think that was the part that was confusing me. Delve Fractures take place in Cirdas Caverns (U) and Yorcia Weald (U), and are entered at Veils located in each field area. Airlixirs and associated key items are guaranteed in either case. The primary reason for defeating NMs in the field is to obtain their corresponding Yggzi Bead items specific to each NM. Notorious monsters yield 500 (I/II/III) or 750 (IV/V) corpuscles of plasm to each player in the alliance at the time of defeat. Field NMs have a chance to drop Yggzi Beads while Fracture NMs do not; however, obtaining one of the available unique equipment drops is guaranteed from Fracture NMs and a rare occurrence in the field. to be more specific, I'm trying to enter the ceizak battlegrounds delve. Reclaimer in the city of your choice, open the coffers one at a time and trade any gear you get to the Reclaimer. I havent done it myself as I only just recently managed to kill one of the reive boss. When this occurs, one or more of the notorious monsters in the Fracture will trigger the message "You feel a tense pressure gripping the air..." upon aggression. Delve is a tiered battle system that consists of farming pop and entry items to either: In order to participate in Delve Fractures, players must satisfy the following: Field battles have no requirement other than access to the areas (Seekers of Adoulin installed and registered). Each area and tier has a corresponding key item which is automatically obtained after defeating any one of the associated NMs and allows the holder to use Mweya Plasm to purchase any equipment item which the associated NMs can drop. Event-related items involved in each area are distinguished with the color corresponding with the element of that area's Naakual. The reward structure in Delve is unique in that all equipment can be obtained in two ways: either a direct drop from notorious monsters/bosses or purchased with Mweya Plasm which can be collected in various ways as long as a notorious monster which can drop the item has been defeated at least once. Twice the usual amount of Mweya Plasm will drop when clearing Delve. Upgradable armor and weapons can be "mezzotinted" with Airlixirs by Benjamien at the Inventors' Coalition. Can you solo enter delve now? This page has been accessed 2,748,744 times. Field-based delve battles take place in outdoor areas which correspond with the locations of the seven Naakuals. There are two general progression routes for Delve, depending on how experienced your group is. Upon defeating any normal monster in the field areas in which Veils are present, players may receive Yggrete Rocks (V) which correspond to that location. Note that inside the fracture there is a cumulative bonus to defeating more than one NM. Defeating normal, notorious monsters, and a mega boss in an instanced area known as a, Players today for the most part exclusively participate in, 3-18 alliance members at level 95 or above. All monsters defeated in the Fracture yield Mweya Plasm. Field NM Combat is an entirely skippable portion to Delve content which can be utilized by less experienced groups to take on certain NMs in a less hostile environment, and potentially obtain a bead which allows that NM to be skipped inside the Fracture. The items are still valuable to returning players as well. In order to progress to Boss Combat, a group must defeat all five unique notorious monsters inside the a Fracture during a single entry, or use beads obtained from defeating the notorious monsters in the field to remove up to three corresponding monster from the fracture, then defeat the remaining notorious monsters. The notorious monsters are divided into two difficulty tiers: NMs I, II, and III make up the lower difficulty tier (Content Level 11) while NMs IV and V make up the higher difficulty tier (Content Level 14) in each area. Each area is considered a separate path and has progression independent from the others consisting of a series of NM battles in the Field and/or a series of identical NM battles culminating in a boss battle in a section of Cirdas Caverns (U) or Yorcia Weald (U) known as a Fracture. By combining a Bead with a Yantric Planchette, that particular monster will be removed from the Fracture area, reducing the number of notorious monsters which need to be defeated. Overall, it is possible to obtain 180,000+ Plasm for one run upon clearing an entire Delve zone during this campaign. Yggrete Shards can be used to spawn Notorious Monsters in the field area outside the Fracture. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Edit: was trading the wrong rock... thank you for your reply as you did clear up some other questions I had. Crests come from the WKR, not delve itself. So if I've never gone into a fracture to kill a boss how do I enter? This can be done up to three times for one Fracture attempt, leaving only two remaining notorious monsters to be defeated within the fracture before the boss monster can be attempted. There are three varieties of Airlixirs, which have increasingly potent effects on upgrading armor via Mezzotinting towards a higher rank in the armor augmentation process: Airlixir, Airlixir +1, and Airlixir +2. (I personally had just 1 WKR Win and was able to do 3 Different Delves). For a less experienced group, defeating NMs in the field areas until Yggzi Beads are obtained prior to entering a fracture, then utilizing the Yggzi Beads to remove the NMs from the fracture can result in an easier time once inside the fracture since fewer NMs will need to be defeated within the time limit before taking on the boss. Corpuscles of Mweya Plasm can be obtained in three ways: Mweya Plasm can be exchanged at the NPC Forri-Porri near the Inventors' Coalition in Western Adoulin (only present if the Emblem edification is installed on the Inventors' Coalition). There are two levels of combat in Delve: Notorious Monster Combat (which is further divided into two tiers) and Boss Combat. Only the leader needs that shit though. The bought it still had a 3 person minimum but I haven done any in a while. I belive you need to kill a wildskeeper Reive first to get a key item to enter. All players in the alliance and anywhere in the entry field zone will be taken into the Fracture instance upon entry. There are two types of campaigns that may run any given month. Note that ammunition and certain accessories are available only from plasm exchange, not as NM drops. After entering a fracture, the group will have 45 minutes to accomplish their goals. The following 70 pages are in this category, out of 70 total. Please note that you DO receive the key item even if you are dead when the enemy is defeated.


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