Sold by 1/4 pound. Freeze Dried and Dehydrated products are less expensive than wet pack food because you are not … Natural Soup Greens are a blend of carrots, onions, red and green sweet bell peppers, celery and spinach. Contact Us; Privacy Policy; Terms and Conditions; Careers; Resources; Product Catalog We are adding products to your cart. At other times, you may resort to frozen "mirepoix" mixes. As a matter of fact, the best time to buy soup greens is fall through spring, since these are winter-harvested vegetables. When you are chopping your soup greens or pot-herbs as they are also called, make sure they are well cleaned and all rot and dried … Try using these greens as an easy way to liven up soups, sauces and side dishes. Soup Greens … This Future Essentials Dehydrated Natural Soup Greens is an amazing addition to your food storage.


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