If you want one ~ call now.. We are the real deal. Very large sheath for large Bowie ~ $174.95. Santa Fe inspired sheath edge tooling. Fits in well with old west or normal hunting look. With one line edge stamp add ~ $10. Secure, low profile, “Lean and Mean.” This one is for the “Benchmade” small fixed blade knife. An alternate method of securing the knife is a snap strap across the handle instead of the guard- your choice. Other sizes available to your specs. Located in the heart of historic downtown Bandera, TX, we invite you to visit our shop for a great selection of solid sterling silver jewelry and knives. The Bowie blade has “Blacksmith Slag” on it which provides a pleasing texture. Knife Styles & Steels. (Production Pending) We have had additional requests for a short machete with detachable hand guard in 3/6″ thickness. I believe someone put something on the sheath to make .. The guard is 3 3/4″ long and 1/4″ thick. The antique finish is hand hammered to give a classic look with black accents in the pebbled grooves.Both of these blades are made from special carbon steel that is not prone to rust if you wipe them down after heavy use with any light oil. Designed by request of current US Army Special Forces and Green Beret Colonel to have minimum bulk and weight while providing easy access in emergency situations. BRAND: WESTERN BOULDER COLO. Sheath with full coverage such as basket weave or flowers and vines add ~ $29.95. Large $19.95, Small $14.95. Eagle Brand Cowboy Tack sells custom Knives with Sheaths perfect for Ranch Work. We will need you to send in the knife for proper fitting to the new sheath. This customer had a big curved knife to combine with a straight small knife. With one line edge stamping add ~ $10. The knife we include now will have a hidden tang and round genuine stag handle with no metal tag. BRAND: WESTERN BOULDER COLO. Ours will constructed from 4-5 gauge leather, sewn at the seams that will fit a business card size info sheet with a plastic window. Used condition, no cracks, good snap and lockup 4.5" closed.. On many reservations Indians were encouraged to share in the law enforcement. Once the Spanish American War started he volunteered for the “Rough Riders,”with Teddy Roosevelt. These officers were proud of their status and often wore highly decorated holsters, belts, and knife sheaths. This is the actual Col. Dolarhyde knife sheath we made for the movie to their specifications. Sheath without safety strap – $99.95. This brand and style is currently used by One of the Best Steak House chains in the USA. This “all purpose” knife has a blade 4 7/8″ long, 3/16″ thick, and 1 1/2″ wide. Hole in reverse side for sand clean out. The knife stays secure in the pouch without a retaining strap. These items have recently been to some of the most remote ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings and pueblos in New Mexico, such as the Puye Kiva ruins, Acoma Mesa Sky City Pueblo, the Bandelier National Monument, and of course the world famous Chaco Canyon. Hand made leather sheaths for a variety of folding knives. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 per item. Custom Hunting knives made in a variety of shapes and sizes from the drop point, spear point, straight back, Scandinavian, to name a … With concho add $10. Knife ~ $149.95, (Photo Pending) John Cohea makes some of the finest replica American Indian rawhide sheaths with decoration that have ever been done. Laminated wood handles with solid brass guard. All our Expedition grade leather gear is custom designed by Chisholm’s Trail to stand up to the toughest demands of archaeologists, adventurers, and those combing the back country in search of treasure and gold. Locks up tight with n.. 1 In Stock. We have have best. BRAND: WESTERN BOULDER COLO. 20th anniversary . Kieth was a premier gun writer and played a large part in the development of the .44 magnum cartridge. ~ $274.95. The sides still have the “orange peel” pebble grain look and the hard wood handle has the traditional sterling silver Zulu shield with crossed spears fitted to the handle. Sheath shown in “antiqued” version add $24.95. We are the real deal. Western USA 53 Lockback Knife Custom Stag Handles Matchstriker Pull. PERFECT KNIVES NOT SOLD HERE---GOOD ONES ARE ******************************************             THE PICTURES WILL BE THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS VERY.. Western USA 53 N Lockback Knife c.1990. Authentic to the movie and hand cast in the USA from American yellow brass. Very Nice Conditi.. Vintage Western Boulder Colo. USA Fishing Knife 751 Stainless 2 Blades The blades show signs of use and wear. (SPECIAL SALE- SHEATH INCLUDED), The Search & Rescue knife will be just as tough as its larger brothers, the ASL-5 and 6 . Executive Conceal Carry Note: Wear the cord under your dress shirt collar and under your tie. Custom stag Handles with no chips or cracks. We do have our own on display and have priced it at $2,500 to keep the constant offers down. A genuine Sambar Stag crown handle with removable stud strap sheath (we have added a contact point near the bottom of the sheath to keep it from flopping around), and bandoleer shoulder belt with roller buckle ~ $424.95. In addition, we have left the hand guard on the sharp blade side and put serrations on the flat side for secure grip. Overall length is 10 3/4″. The rest is history, since these have come on line, we have sold more of these than the original neck knife. More Info. At first only a jobbing For decorative edge stamping add $10. Northstar Forge proudly uses only the finest high-carbon steel. The mirror polished blade is razor sharp and will cut fabric, leather, parachute cord or other materials with ease. Sheath with one line edge stamp add~ $10. With edge stamping add ~ $10. Sheath alone with bullet loops on both sides ~ $174.95. Click on the photo to enlarge and view some of the samples of decorative edge stamping. Sheath with your choice of authentic Indian edge stamping and decorative tip ~ $124.95. Very comfortable to wear with easy accessibility. With Indian stamping as shown ~ add $10. See home page for color choices on photo with cowboy boots. Two for $34.95. Compare this reproduction to the movie Bowie knife and you will agree this is it !


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