Ctrl+Shift+F7; Extend a selection or block. Change characters to all capitals. Open the document open window in Microsoft Word by pressing Ctrl + F12. Ctrl + D. Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing. They want Ctrl+F to bring forth the traditional Find dialog box, the one that’s now called the Advanced Find dialog box. Ctrl+Shift+F8, and then press an arrow key; Unlink a field. Ctrl+Shift+F6; Update linked information in a Word source document. A search revealed that Microsoft Word supports a "Find Again" function, mapped by default to Shift+F4 and to Ctrl+Alt+y, but that isn't what I was looking for; I wanted to be able to easily search in either direction without having to open up the Find dialog and alter the setting of the search direction option. Ctrl+Shift+F9; Unlock a field. Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow: Extend your current selection by one word to the left or right; Shift+Up/Down Arrow: Extend selection up or down one line; Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrow: Extend selection to the beginning or end of the paragraph; Shift+End: Extend selection to the end of the line; Shift+Home: Extend selection to the beginning of the line Extend Mode in Word Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box. A double-click on any word selects it right away, and a triple-click selects an entire paragraph instead. Ctrl + Shift + A. Ctrl+Shift+F5; Go to the previous window. Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease the font size. Traditional Word users may be really disappointed that pressing the Ctrl+F key in Word 2013 summons the Navigation pane. Another option that Word users have is to use the keyboard to select text. To make that happen, follow these steps: Please note that there is also an Fn key on keyboard of some laptops. Ctrl + H. Replace text in a document. Save the current Microsoft Word document by pressing Shift + F12 (or Ctrl + S). Ctrl + Left Arrow. Just hold down the Shift-key on the keyboard and use the arrow keys to start selecting text. Ctrl+Shift+F3; Edit a bookmark. F3. Ctrl+Shift+F11; Choose the Print command. Open the Save as window in opening Microsoft Word. Ctrl + F. Find text in a document. Print a document in Microsoft Word by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12. You may also use Ctrl-A to select all at once. Ctrl + Shift + L. Change the bullet style.


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