Once deployed on your assignment, your work schedule is designed to give you time to periodically return to your residence. Hiring entities begin each contract with an orientation period lasting several days. Emergency Tasking (24 hrs): 1300 655 855 (Australia) +61 2 9893 7683 (International) +61 2 9843 5155; Contact us here So be sure your recruiter puts it in writing that you will get flight school as soon as you successfully complete officer basic training. CareFlight International Air Ambulance. Position: Officer. AFSC: 46FX. If you don't get it in writing in your initial contract the military does not have to send you to flight school. email us: info@flyingangels.com. I went in the Air Force as a nurse after I had spent four years as an enlisted man. Contact us now and find out why Flying Angles should be your Air Ambulance Alternative. 741 RN Flight Nurse jobs available on Indeed.com. I had completed my baccalaureate degree in nursing and was looking at a possible lifetime situation where I would go into the nursing situation of my desire. Agencies and contracts differ, but travel nursing positions are commonly offered in thirteen 40-hour work weeks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average median salary for a registered nurse is $64,690. Overview: Aeromedical Evacuation teams transport critically ill or injured service members to military hospitals. I am currently in my last term of nursing school and as part of our capstone project we need to interview a nurse from a field that interests us. Flight Nurse. The Flight Nurse is a highly specialized role, few exist throughout the US and they are all highly competitive. With trained flight nurses and dedicated travel agents on staff, your limited mobility travel plans will be customized to fit your needs. Apply to Nurse, Operations Associate, Registered Nurse and more! Because of the expense of this role, it is unlikely that the demand for Flight Nurses will increase much more than average. Our flight coordinators will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hi! Flight Nurses are key members of these teams, whose primary workspace is the cabin or cargo bay of an aircraft that has been transformed into an emergency medical care facility. Flight nursing is a very competitive position in the military and it may not be easy to join up and go straight to flight school. I would love to find a flight nurse that is interested in answering a few questions for me. ;} We’re Here for You 24/7.


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