Remember, you’re doing this to get smart, and it will also help you earn money. He also loves cars, listening to music, driving, and his dog Chewie. Since our Android friends are now able to join in on the BitLife action, we have decided to take a look back at our guides and add any new ideas. In this BitLife guide, you’re going to learn how to become President or Prime Minister in BitLife. Pop up of doing activity with supervisor is replaced by: ♣️Potential Donor to campaign asks you to do his/her bidding in exchange for $X Do it, no questions (lowers approval by 5-10%) Politely Decline (raises approval by 1-5%). However, each BitLife is going to be very different, and the best paying jobs can change on a number of different factors: country of birth, family income, and your own personal smarts rating just to name a few. , Press J to jump to the feed. Professionally made idea too it’s easy to understand and I hope devs see this. We hope this guide has helped you to become a President or Prime Minister in BitLife. Again, use this to your advantage and make some money by authoring books, taking part in commercials, and more. Here’s what you need to do exactly. Feel free to comment any thoughts or ideas of your own below! You should also head to the gym and keep yourself fit. The political field is filled with several challenges, dirty tactics, and more. It’s not easy, and you have to continue doing things to keep your approval ratings up and be a good President or Prime Minister. I would love to be able to go to war and stuff and increase my nations power, but that might be too in depth for a mobile game, This is far too well made to not be seen u/BitLifeApp. If you’ve been spending a lot of time playing BitLife on your Android or iOS device, then it may be time to do something big. If you start out the game in a top country, like America or the United Kingdom, you’ll have a higher chance of smoothing your way to become a CEO as these countries hold a higher rate of CEO positions. You’re going to need money to be able to run for office. 1/20 of 50% approval x 3M followers = 7.5% chance of success) Holding prior military officer job doubles chance of success, Options each year if you have successful coup: Hold a rally (raises approval by 1-5%) Produce propaganda (raises approval by 5-10%, cost $10,000,000) Intimidate opponents (can raise or lower approval by 5-20%) Step down (chance of imprisonment: 50%), As Dictator you start with your prior approval rating Chances of being overthrown each yr = 1/2 of disapproval, If overthrown, two choices: Cede power, which means chance of... ▪️Death: 25% ▪️Imprisonment: 70% ▪️Going free: 5% ~or~ Rally people to fight back (chance of success is 1/2 of approval • if successful, you stay in power) ▪️if unsuccessful, chances of death, imprisonment, and going free is same as “cede power”, ⚪️Positions to run for⚪️ (Cost can be covered by fundraisers), Level one (cost of campaign: $1K • salary: $30K-$40K) ▪️City Council ▪️School Board ▪️Prosecutor, Level two (cost: $15K • salary: $60K-80K) ▪️Mayor ▪️State Legislator (title varies by country, in Canada it would be Provincial Legislator for example) ▪️State Attorney General, Level three (cost: $250K • salary: $110K-$150K) ▪️Governor ▪️State Legislature Leader ▪️State Court Justice, Level four (cost: $5M • salary: $170K-$230K) ▪️Vice President or Deputy PM (President in Germany) ▪️National Legislator ▪️National Attorney General, Level five (cost: $100M • salary: $240K-$330K) ▪️President or Prime Minister (Chancellor in Germany) ▪️National Legislature Leader ▪️Supreme Court Justice, Position in event of successful coup (salary: $1-3M) ▪️Dictator (pick a title to go by, like Emperor), ⚪️Following countries are non-democratic and have no option to run for office: China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Cuba ♦️“Run For Office” is simply replaced by “Stage a Coup”, Novice in military = 0.5% Novice military officer = 2% Been in military for 30+ years = 5% Military officer for 30+ years = 20%, Social media following of >10K = 0.5% Social media following of >100K = 2% Social media following of >1M = 5% Social media following of >10M = 20%, Also: Smarts of >90% boosts chances by 2% Looks of >90% boosts chances by 3%, Honest Abe — Speak with constituents every year, never take shady donations, always choose “give speech” in event of scandal, approval don’t matter just be honest, die with a net-worth under $2M (must be in office for at least 20 years to obtain), Kickback Tycoon — Hold fundraisers every year, never speak with constituents, always take shady donations, never choose “give a speech” in event of scandal, run and win highest level office, die in office with a net-worth above $20M, Political Celeb — Maintain approval of 90% or more for at least half the time your in office (never have approval of less than 50%), as well as obtain at least 1M followers on social media (must be in office for at least 20 years), do not stage a coup, ❌Impeached — Become a head of state (President, PM, or Chancellor) and get impeached, A Jack Kennedy — Become President of the United States (must be US) before age 43, get assassinated with an approval of over 2/3 (66.7%), ✊Tyrant — Successfully seize power in coup, stay in power for at least 5 years, ”intimidate opponents” every year in power, Monarch — Successfully seize power in coup, hold power for at least 50 years and die in office without being overthrown, Scandal-free Politician — never have a scandal in office, Career Politician — spend at least 40 years in office in one lifetime, Political Machine — get elected to the same position at least 12 times in one lifetime, Natural Fundraiser — raise at least $10M for elections in one lifetime, Master Fundraiser — raise at least $500M for elections in one lifetime, Unanimous — obtain 100% approval in any given year, Head of State — become President (or PM/Chancellor), Policy Wonk — become a National Legislature Leader, ⚖️The High Court — become a Supreme Court Justice, The Oral Office — become President of the United States, have a hookup, Teddy Bear — become a head of state before the age of 42, Impeached, not!


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