All products and criteria considered, we believe the best overall choice for the majority of children is the Medium Rifton Pediatric Adaptive Tricycle. With its simplicity of operation combined with its full support options, the ToniCross adaptive tricycle is a good choice for a wide range of children with various degrees of disability. Kids and adults of all abilities can experience riding a bike with special needs bicycles and tricycles. Enhances circulation and respiration, contracting and releasing muscles, resulting in improved blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, and mitigating edema. Three frame sizes ensure the best fit for each child, along with a host of options to optimize safety and personalize its use to each young rider’s specific needs, including puncture-proof tires, standard or loop handlebars, pedal straps, and a butterfly harness trunk support. Rifton is a leader in adaptive equipment for children and adults. Price: $1,230-$3,300 COVID-19 Update: Many manufacturers are experiencing shipping delays. The therapeutic rewards of triking are undeniable. Bikes can also be modified with one-hand controls, shifter and brake adapters, seat belts and safety harnesses and electric motors. Click here to browse the complete catalog! Encourages children with both minimal and maximal postural support needs to participate as it gives them the ability to do something really fun in a safe way. Optional accessories include a customizable backrest; a flat, contoured, or winged headrest; front guide and rear steering bars; and an abductor attachment/trunk support, for the user’s comfort and safety. In addition to weight, customers should consider the length of a child’s legs, along with their balance and ability to control their head. The joy and smiles were appreciated by all involved, along with improved health and balance. By. Parents also talked about the add-on options, such as the backrest and leg abductors helping to keep their child safely in place on the tricycle, along with the foot supports. That’s why our Top 5 Review assessed the cost, versatility, certified user evaluations, features, and unique benefits of dozens of excellent trikes. To be considered for this program, the family must have applied for funding for a Buddy Bike and been denied. They say the stylish cruiser draws comments everywhere they use it, and their children are thrilled with both the trike’s performance and aesthetic! At, we have the best selection of bicycles, balance bikes, foot and hand cycles and tricycles for adults and kids with special needs. In addition to children feeling the wind in their face as they rocket down the sidewalk, the independence and freedom that only cycling offers also fosters measurable physical and mental benefits. Ride, Play and Enjoy: Special Needs Bikes and Tricycles. Customers rave about the Mobo Tot Cruiser, reporting it is easy for their child to pedal by themselves. There are more than 150 stellar evaluations for this trike, and it consistently earned 5-star ratings. If traditional pedaling is difficult, you can get a tricycle with synchronized hand/foot pedaling as an alternative. They provide a safe way to exercise and engage with their peers or family, while they also help children to grow mentally and emotionally. Rifton adaptive tricycles provide therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. Tricycling enhances visual, spatial, and perception skills, and also helps children to develop crucial social connections with friends and peers. Taking the number five spot in our review, the Mobo Tot Cruiser Recumbent Tricycle by Asa Products is a durable, semi-reclining special needs cruiser, designed for children aged 18 months to five years old. Increases tolerance for sitting upright, offering a fun, engaging method to improve trunk control and work on balance, resulting in improved concentration and attention. Reviewers said they liked that the turning radius of the front wheel is limited, which helped their child to retain better balance. In her product review, she said the Cruiser seemed to be specifically built for children like her son, and it accommodated every one of his physical weaknesses - in addition to being completely affordable. The fundraising goal must be met by December 1 in order for the child to receive a Buddy Bike by December 20. EXCLUSIONS APPLY. Regulates the digestive system and improves the quality and duration of sleep. Perfect for young riders living with a higher degree of disability who are unable to pedal or steer, this innovative hitch allows safe riding and the thrill of the biking experience for youngsters living with blindness and low vision as well. They offer an enhanced sense of freedom and mobility to those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and more. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Riders of all ages love this trike for its comfort, safety, and ease of use, and how it was able to get them moving and enjoying life again following an injury or amputation. A special needs trike differs from any other model because it provides extra support for those who have varying levels of physical involvement. Strengthens anti-gravity muscles, promotes bone growth, and enhances hand/eye coordination, along with many other health benefits. The mother of a six-year-old with cerebral palsy shared how she doesn’t generally review products, but had to comment on the Tot Cruiser. The hitch comes with a universal mounting bracket to attach to the seat post of the adult cycle. Print. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99.99. It’s specifically designed to deliver support and stability for special needs children age 2 ½-years through adolescence, or up to five-feet tall and 180-pounds. Riding an adaptive trike helps children to develop a better sense of well-being and raise their self-esteem. Both are adjustable and provide grow-along-with-your-child adaptations. After several years of disappointment, she found the Tot Cruiser. Easily deserving of the number two position in our review, the Triaid Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo Unit by Triaid creates a tandem riding experience for a special needs child and an adult companion. This inclusion is especially important for younger riders, who are still learning social skills along with a sense of self and need to be included in peer activities. And yet, understanding the importance of outdoor play does not necessarily make it easier to choose the perfect special needs tricycle. The Rifton Medium Adaptive Tricycles are designed to combine therapy and recreation, allowing your child to experience cycling in a safe, measured way. They are generally highly adjustable and adaptable, with various choices for handlebars, seats, pedals, and brakes to best suit the special needs of their varied users. Mike has spent his professional career working in multiple areas of Occupational Therapy, including pediatrics, geriatrics, hand therapy, ergonomics and inpatient / outpatient rehabilitation. Another customer wrote how the rear steering feature sets this trike apart, and that her son can pedal faster with the increased trunk support! Its 2-in-1 design provides the child or teen with the opportunity to cycle independently on a tricycle, or to cycle as part of a team with the hitch unit. Its large wheels and chain drive facilitate simpler propulsion and easier pedaling, along with its rear-wheel drive and pedals positioned directly under the seat. The features and benefits of both models are nearly identical, so we have chosen to review the medium frame trike. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an hour of aerobic activity and exercise every day for growing children, and what better way to accomplish this than for them to have fun riding an adaptive tricycle? Many also say this trike boosts their child’s self-esteem, in addition to improving their mental health. "My Bike" Parent Apply for an Adaptive Bike. Just because your child uses a wheelchair doesn’t preclude ventures outside and enjoying the feeling of independence and freedom that derives from riding a trike! This trike hitch combo unit can also be enjoyed by youngsters retaining the ability to steer and foot-propel pedal. Adaptive tricycles are the perfect solution for children with a range of special needs, as they allow kids freedom of mobility if they are not able to balance on a typical two-wheeled bike. Additionally, steering is separate from the pedaling mechanism, allowing children to pedal and steer even if they have coordination challenges!


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